Explore Top Free Summer Activities for Kids in Los Angeles

Explore Top Free Summer Activities for Kids in Los Angeles

As summer approaches, families in Los Angeles and visitors alike start looking for exciting and budget-friendly ways to keep the kids entertained. Fortunately, LA offers a plethora of activities that don’t cost a dime but are full of fun, learning, and adventure. From outdoor escapades to cultural explorations, the City of Angels is brimming with opportunities that will not only keep your little ones engaged but will also ensure they have an unforgettable summer. Here’s a roundup of the best free things to do with kids in Los Angeles this summer.

1. Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

A trip to Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory is a must for any family. Offering stunning views of the city and the iconic Hollywood sign, the observatory also features engaging exhibits and public telescopes available in the evenings. Although parking may come with a small fee, entrance to the observatory and the surrounding park areas are completely free.

2. The Getty Center

The Getty Center presents a perfect blend of art, architecture, and gardens. Admission is free for all, making it an ideal destination for families looking to immerse in culture and beauty. While kids marvel at the intricate artwork and impressive architecture, the sprawling gardens offer a great space for them to explore.

3. Santa Monica Beach and Pier

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach, and Santa Monica Beach is a quintessential spot for families. Beyond the sand and surf, the Santa Monica Pier, with its aquarium and historic carousel (note: these attractions have minimal fees), plus free summer concerts, adds to the charm and excitement, ensuring a fun-filled day for everyone.

4. California Science Center

For the young scientist in every family, the California Science Center is a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be discovered. Free to all visitors, the center showcases an array of interactive exhibits ranging from ecosystems to the marvels of space exploration.

5. Lake Hollywood Park

For a more laid-back day, pack a picnic and head to Lake Hollywood Park. Not only does it offer some of the best views of the Hollywood Sign, but it’s also a great spot for kids to run around, play, and maybe even spot a celebrity dog or two!

6. The Old Zoo and Picnic Area in Griffith Park

Explore the remnants of the Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park, where your kids can climb on abandoned animal enclosures and learn about the history of this unique spot. Pack a lunch, and enjoy a day of discovery and play in one of LA’s most interesting parks.

7. Participate in the Hammer Kids Programs

The Hammer Museum offers interactive art programs designed specifically for children and families. These include engaging, hands-on workshops that encourage creativity and a deeper appreciation of art. The museum also provides free admission, making it an accessible option for everyone.

8. Visit the Los Angeles Public Library

The Los Angeles Public Library is more than just a place for books; it’s a hub of free activities and programs for children. From storytime sessions and craft workshops to educational programs and summer reading challenges, the library offers a wealth of opportunities for fun and learning. Explore the events at Los Angeles Public Library.

In Los Angeles, the summer promises endless possibilities for family fun without the need to spend a fortune. From appreciating art and science to enjoying nature and historical sites, there’s something free and exciting to do with kids all across this vibrant city. Take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to create lasting memories with your children, exploring the best of what Los Angeles has to offer.

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